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Saturday, 30 June 2012

The beginning

PhysiFun has been developed by Tracy Prowse, a Chartered Physiotherapist, in response to the increasing incidence of poor posture and gross motor skills of both adults and school children, back pain prevalence in the general population, but more worryingly, adolescents, and the increasing occurrence of Dyspraxia, ADHD and other learning, motor & behavioural difficulties in mainstream children. Tracy Prowse completed her Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy in 2002 and has been working as a Chartered Physiotherapist for 14 years. Her experience as a physiotherapist has led her to developing the PhysiFun exercise programmes. 

At PhysiFun we are passionate about giving everyone the tools to ensuring they have a balanced healthy body, free from the aches and pains of everyday life and we are passionate about making postural and core muscle exercises fun. We believe all children need access to regular exercise programmes to develop their gross motor skills, self esteem and confidence and that unlocking physical capability is a key component to ensuring their future success as confident individuals.

It has been shown that up to 50% of 14 year olds have now experienced back pain, and there is a growing trend towards sedentary, unfit teenagers. However, research shows that aerobic exercise and physical activity benefits brain function, is proportional to cognitive ability, prevents disease and reduces back pain. Reduce the incidence of back pain; improve both your own, and your child's, sense of wellbeing, health and confidence. Give yourself and your children healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Teach your children what the scientists have proven: exercise, good posture and healthy lifestyles can change their future. PhysiFun raises the awareness of adults, pupils, staff and parents about the importance of looking after their backs, bodies & posture and the benefits of movement, exercise and diet - all essential strategies of optimising one's health and learning environment and preventing back pain now and in the later years.

We aim to help everyone get fit and have fun!