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Monday, 24 February 2014

PhysiFun Health Professionals Courses:
Physifun runs CPD courses (12 points + 1 ethics point ) for  physio's and OTs.

The Physifun Gross Motor exercise programmes, (called ABC and PhysiBall) aim to improve gross motor development, by using a combination of Pilates, Yoga, coordination and balance exercises using the gym ball. Improving gross motor and postural/core control is one of the foundations for higher intellectual, psychological and social functions, especially when implemented in a fun and enticing way- Physifun aims to address not only the physical needs of children, but also the psychological & social needs of a child who might otherwise not want to participate in a physical activity. Health professionals will walk away with ideas and concepts regarding tapping in to a child's perceptions of self efficacy, mindfulness and ways to kickstart the cycle of learning by exploration, play and doing.

Physifun has recently introduced the Physifit exercise programme which is for all children aged 8 to 13 years and is aimed at injury prevention, muscle conditioning, agility training and general core muscle strengthening in a sporting setting.

Some of the content covered during the weekend course is:
·   Developmental Coordination Disorder- a summary of the latest research which supports specific screening tools, interventions and approaches to management
·   Neuromyths and the relevance to education- facts and fiction about the science behind brain research in education.
·   Exercise in the therapeutic and educational setting- the link between physical activity, obesity & its effects on a child's learning ability as well as what motivates children to participate in physical activity. A brief overview is also given on acute and overuse injury prevention during formal exercise programmes and what the coaches should be doing as part of their training sessions and warm ups.
·   Ethical and professional responsibilities when implementing group based exercise programmes in schools and in your practices 
·   Postural control:  How and why it affects your child’s health, learning, behaviour & future A lecture designed for physios and OTs to give to parents and teachers regarding postural control, with take - home, easy-to-implement practical ideas and tips to help children become more aware of their posture and to help their postural control become more consolidated, freer and automatic. 
Physifun Gross Motor Programmes: Physiball and ABC theory and practical Health Professionals can run Physifun group exercise classes in their practices as they might run a pilates class or they can educate local schools (using Physifun power presentations) and parents so that everyone is on board and doing their bit on a daily basis to help these children achieve their maximum potential in the classroom, on the playground and in the sporting and physical environment. Physifun does not replace 1 to 1 therapy , but rather, it is an additional support and educational tool, or a follow-on for those families who cannot afford ongoing therapy or more than 1 session per week. (Please note Physifun is not designed to replace 1 to 1 therapy).

Contact: or 082 3072337

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